Campus Administrators:

The Stamps Family Charitable Foundation, Inc. seeks to partner with universities and colleges to provide exceptional educational experiences for outstanding young people.  The Foundation gives current-use funding, rather than endowments, to help provide four-year merit scholarships with educational enhancements (such as study abroad, unpaid internships, etc.).  The Stamps Foundation matches new (rather than existing) funds set aside for these merit scholarships.  Programs may be created to stand alone or to live within an existing merit scholarship program.

Grant proposals are typically submitted after extensive conversations regarding the details of the program.  Careful consideration should be given to the proposed recruitment and selection process for scholars, as well as programs and opportunities to be made available to them.

The Stamps Foundation does not make grants directly to individuals.

If your college or university is interested in exploring a partnership with the Stamps Foundation, please contact us at the address below:

Mr. Randolph W. McDow, Executive Director
Stamps Family Charitable Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 98374
Atlanta, GA 30359-2074

or via email: