“Inspired by the impact that our university experiences have had on our own lives, we have chosen to support exceptional students in their pursuit of higher education.”

“We have worked with great universities to create programs offering enriched educational experiences to Stamps Scholars.  It is our hope that today’s Stamps Scholars will become mentors and supporters of the next generation of promising young students.

Stamps Family Charitable Foundation
Penelope W. Stamps
E. Roe Stamps IV



Seeking to give hard working, talented students a boost, Roe and Penny have partnered with excellent schools to provide scholarships and fellowships, and to ensure that the students have outstanding educational experiences.  Generous awards are enhanced with additional funding for summer experiences, a national convention every other year hosted by a partner university, and extras, including online networking via LinkedIn and Facebook.

A common benefit among virtually all Stamps Scholarship programs is the additional funding for educational enhancements.  These can take many forms including international travel & study; outdoor leadership programs through Outward Bound or NOLS; research, academic, or co-curricular conferences; or research or non-profit internships.  These opportunities are typically approved of by the student’s university and funded through the Stamps Scholarship.