Jeffry C. (Jeff) Alexander is a Ph.D. student at Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine from Mechanicsville, Virginia. He is currently studying Veterinary Infectious Disease and expects to graduate in 2013. In graduate school, Jeff won several awards for presentations related to his research. He has also served on numerous important committees, including the Graduate Affairs Committee, which consists of the Dean of Research, Heads of all College of Veterinary Medicine Departments, Faculty, and student representatives. He also served as a Planning Committee Member of the 2011 College of Veterinary Medicine Research Symposium. In his free time, Jeff enjoys playing ice hockey as a goalie, going to VT sporting events, tinkering with Mustangs (four wheels, not four feet!), and visiting the river. His profile picture was taken at Oktoberfest in Munich in 2010.


“This scholarship is enabling me to pursue a Ph.D. in the Graduate Program of the Veterinary School here at Virginia Tech. I hope to teach future professional students (DVM, MD, and the like) when I finish this program, as a chance to give back to the profession that has provided me with so many opportunities.”