Guoning (Ted) Xiao, class of 2014, studies Molecular Biology. He is from South Pasadena, California. Ted was a well rounded student in high school with an extreme interest in molecular biology. He worked in two different labs in his junior and senior years of high school. He enjoys practicing violin during his spare time. Sometimes he cooks to relieve the pressure from studying. Ted loves to play basketball. He is always enthusiastic about pickup games. The picture is of Ted performing at the 2011 Stamps Scholars Convention in Miami, Florida.

“The Stamps Scholarship gives me a tremendous amount of support. Instead of working in the library on campus, I spend that time planning, arranging, and going on planned activities on campus. I have also spent that time volunteering for the Caltech community by helping out the admissions office and Caltech Y sponsored activities for students. In addition, I put in that time to serve my community in large by going to Downtown Los Angeles every Friday to work with underprivileged Latin American students. All this would not be possible without the support of Mr. and Mrs. Stamps and the Stamps Foundation.”