Sean Hansen, class of 2014, is from Des Plaines, Illinois’s Maine West High School.

“I am currently pursuing a major in English, and am likely going to minor in Spanish. In college, I have taken up the study of Tae Kwon Do, as well as joining both Intervarsity and the Navigators, two Christian organizations on campus. I take private voice lessons and have recently begun learning ballroom dance. As hobbies, I read books and collect comics. In high school, I sang in the choir and performed in numerous plays and musicals, being selected to sing in the All-State Music Festival twice. Chipotle is my favorite fast-food restaurant. Thanks to the Stamps Scholarship, I have had the opportunity to meet over a hundred exceptionally intelligent and highly motivated students from across the country, some of whom I still stay in touch with. I hope to study abroad in England and Latin America in the future using the Stamps enrichment fund, and I plan on taking advantage of the education I am being provided by applying myself diligently to my studies with the ultimate goal of making the world a better place for my having been here.”