University of Texas at Austin Stamps Leadership Scholarship

The Forty Acres Scholars Program at The University of Texas at Austin will be the largest, most comprehensive, full-ride undergraduate scholarship for students who possess extraordinary intellectual qualities and the capacity to motivate and lead fellow students. Administered by the Ex-Students’ Association (also known as the Texas Exes), the program is designed to attract the nation’s best undergraduate students by offering them both a financial bonus and opportunities that will make their college experiences intellectually exciting and personal fulfilling. From service-learning projects to study abroad to internship opportunities, the Forty Acres Scholars Program aims to transform young lives for the benefit of society.

Stamps Foundation Forty Acres Scholars receive funding for tuition and fees, housing and food, books, and a living stipend. Application to become a Stamps Foundation Forty Acres Scholars is done through the normal Forty Acres Scholars application process.

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